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Age Uk maxi absorb pads

Age UK Maxi Absorb Incontinence Pad

Superior personal incontinence protection ideal for heavy users or overnight. To be used with fix pants. £10.50 ex VAT

Our Price -

£12.60 (Including VAT)

Age Uk maxi absorb pads


 Code: AUMIP

The Age UK Large Shaped Pads Super Plus, provided by Incontinence Advisors, offer a unique double pad system and surface acquisition layer to allow for maximum absorbency, it contains Super Absorbent Polymer which will retain the liquid and also neutralise foul odours.

These unisex pads are designed for use with stretch pants to support sufferers of severe urinary incontinence and to protect against faecal smearing. The breathable, waterproof backing ensures that no liquid seeps through on to the user's clothing while remaining comfortable and encouraging the flow of air, preventing skin irritation or damage.

Each pad can absorb up to 2920 ml of liquid and there are 20 in a pack.